Thursday, 7 June 2012

Epicurean reflections

It has indeed been my good fortune to have experienced myriad epicurean delights, right from the home based to French, Greek, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Tibetan - served from the humble to the multi "starred" establishments. Needless to say the experiences have ranged from satiating to fair enough, to unsatisfactory and on the odd occasion pretty much worthless and a waste of time and money.
I have also eaten free meals at a cross section of religious places, including the simple parshad after the Ardas at the holy Sikh shrine Hemkund Sahib at an elavation of 15200 ft in the Himalayas (langar is not served here, perhaps for this reason). All the meals at these religious places have mostly been simple to lavish in case of festivities and, always free. But as far as i can possibly remember, be it a meal at the temple, dargah or gurdwara, not a single such meal has ever left me feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled in any manner whatsoever. An act of faith?......divine grace? ... I don't know :)

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