Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bombay to Goa - 12.12.08

The other day i was travelling by train from Bombay to Goa. I know i am supposed to be calling it "Mumbai" by now, but really, having been born there in "Bombay" days, i just cant bring myself to call it by it's new name. "Mumbai" just does not jump to the mind... sorry.
Similarly all those streets and lanes with their new found long drawn names are simply difficult, alien names. To me, "Fountain" is still Fountain and so are Kala Ghoda, V.T., A road, B road, C road etc.... Thank you.
En route to catching the train i was as usual hoping that i would have some good company and like wise hope to be one. I was lucky. The person travelling with me happened to be from the world of IT and i managed to learn a lot of things from him.
We spoke about myriad topics and he gave me some very useful tips on launching a commercial web site for my shop.
I find the concept of a commercial web site so fascinating and dynamic.
Imagine a country like India. It has such a mesmerising array of products and services to offer that one would probably need a shop the size of a miniature State in order to display them all in one place.
The web would be just the right place to hold these all in one place.
I do hope that i can remember all the tips that i got on this train journey and am able to put a reasonable web site together.
Meanwhile travelling around within Bombay's auto-mobile exhaust generated atmosphere, not to forget the competing robust sardine can, virus factory local train coaches has once again made me come down with an allergy.
I was shocked beyond belief to find the local train packed to the gills even at 06:15 am when i boarded it at Andheri to connect with the Mandovi Express to Goa, at Dadar.
My lovely city of birth now sends shudders down my spine and depression up the same, to my heart and mind.
I was impressed by the FM radio channels airing, borrowed from the west, road traffic warnings and updates but here's a tip for them having a complete local source born out of necessity to also air human commuter congestion status at the various local train stations on the city's fascinating network.
OK, i better rest up now for a while and get some of that (still) clean air of Go-Aah! back into my system.