Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Home Gardening

Not very consciously so, but tending to our home garden seems to have turned into a regular thing to do as of O One Jan Two O One One.
actually it began around last week of December Two O One O when a new maali (gardener) showed up to help with the de-weeding of the lawn which had turned into a miniature forest.
As i was recovering from an extreme and nasty cough it gave me an opportunity to spend time with the new recruit and get to know him better. In the process one found him to be a good worker. One conversation led to another over a few chaai breaks and the next thing i knew, i was poring out all my wannabe garden dreams of my heart. Krishna, the maali, was not to be out done and dove straight into my dreams with all sorts of suggestions that would also augment ones income in order to sustain said dreams - as well as make sure that i wont go broke thus further ensuring his source of income may not dry up as well, at least from my end.
Krishna seems to be pretty big on coconut trees and since one is fortunately graced with a large enough backyard (aprox 700 sq mtrs), has chalked out working plan of getting down to some serious back-garden business.
Reeling under the growing rate of inflation and commodity prices I jumped on to the wagon by disclosing my dreams for a kitchen garden.
So right now, at least on the proverbial paper, we have sketched out a line of action and our plan is in place.
One now awaits Krishna's return from his annual chutti (leave) to visit his family at his mulook (village) somewhere in Benagal, from where he is also to return armed with a formidable cache of seeds for assorted veggies.
In order to keep me going he had sowed a handful of pumpkin seeds that my mother had saved and left me with some simple and precise watering instructions. i have been quite thrilled to now witness the birth of at least 10 pumpkin shoots/saplings on the patch.
I do not know if one is able to upload any pictures on this blog but if so, i shall post pics of the pumpkin saplings along with a few of my garden in order to give a better picture - pun intended :-)
psst: a very good "up" outcome in the past one month of tending to the garden is that one has lost 4 kgs of weight. Guess that takes me off the hook as far as missing out on the daily 40 min's walk routine ;-)

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