Sunday, 30 January 2011

Chal re bhoplya thumuk thumuk

"Chal re bhoplya thumuk thumuk.." was a Marathi nursery rhyme that one of my aunts used to sing to keep me entertained as a child.
A modern day translation of the title would roughly be: " Keep on truckin', pumpkin..."
"Bhopla" is pumpkin and "thumuk thumuk" sort of like conveys the jolly rolling gait of a real fat person.

I read someone mention that although he has an accidental pumpkin creeper growing in his yard, it is yet to yield a pumpkin even though almost 10 months have gone by.
Well, here's hoping that at least one of the above saplings will turn out productive.
I believe, i shall have to put in place a trellis of sorts to help the creepers climb.
Hopefully will find some images on the net.

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  1. Can belive you blogged about this.. I was just searching "chal re " and it got your blog. My granny use to tell this story and I dont remember how many times we heard from her before going to bed and its was fun always .. I am now 35 but that story is still fresh ..