Friday, 18 February 2011

Tulasi a.k.a. Holy Basil

Each morning as i reach the Tulasi plant in order to water it as well as pluck a bunch of it's tender leaves to eat the same, i am reminded to take a picture of the plant so that i may post it out here. Unfortunately by the time i complete my rounds of tending to the garden the thought has slipped my mind until the next morning when i once again reach the Tulasi for my morning fix.
However there is a nice picture and more on the Tulasi Plant in the following link 
as also more information in

I have been chewing about 8 to 10 tender Tulasi leaves every morning since about two months now, in fact ever since my good doctor Adam suggested it would help control a very nasty cough as well as bolster my immune system in general.
I must add that in addition to this i am also taking a highly recommended Ayurvedic medication from the city of Kanpur, India - also to bolster an ageing immune system.
So, in all fairness, i really am not in a position to claim which of the two is being beneficial to my health, if at all.
Since the friend who recommends the Ayurvedic capsule swears by it's efficacy i shall carry on with my faith in the same.
In support of the Tulasi leaves all i can say is that i had once forgotten to eat them for two or three days and when i restarted eating them, i noticed this very distinct sense of warmth surge through my veins within a few minutes of ingesting the same. I guess something is going on out there after all!
The fact remains that apart from being considered very holy and much adored by Lord krishna, the medicinal properties of the Tulasi have been documented in some of the oldest revered scriptures of India.
References may be found at the following links

Time now for my siesta...

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